With more than 10 years of development experience and service know-hows, NEOWIZ Able Studio strives to achieve the better future of gaming.
NEOWIZ Able Studio, the innovator of the future of gaming,
is an entertainment software company which has been developing and servicing PC-based online Role-playing games. With more than 10 years of online game development know-hows, NOS strives to develop and provide game titles on various platforms including mobile environment such as iOS and Android.
Online Game Development and Service
NEOWIZ Able Studio has been developing and servicing various titles including “Cronous, the continent that never sleeps,” “Chunsangbi,” and “S4 League” in various countries over the world including South Korea.
Titles developed by NEOWIZ Able Studio retain a strong spectrum of loyal players primarily thanks to the stable service provided for an extended period of time.
Mobile Title Development
NEOWIZ Able Studio is actively expanding into the development of mobile titles based on development capability and experience of PC-based online games.
NOS is currently making endeavor in developing mobile titles of various genre such as SNG or casual, and doing its best to create games that are fresh and pleasure-inspiring on new platforms.
Company Name NEOWIZAbleStudio Co., Ltd
Founded July 27, 2010
Capital KRW 3,000,000,000 (As of 2015.10)
Employee 90 (As of 2015.10)
Main Business Online & mobile game title development and service